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Agentur: Matterkind

Funktion: Addressable Strategy

Standort: Mexico, Mexico

Job Ref#: 14468

Beschreibung und Anforderungen


Implementación, optimización y seguimiento de campañas Programmatic utilizando Google DV360 (indispensable), The Trade Desk, Mediamath, Xandr o cualquier otro DSP similar

Deseable mas no indispensable tener conocimientos de Adservers (DCM, Sizmek)

Análisis de resultados y métricas para elaboración de reportes

Gewünschte Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen
Manejo y conocimiento de DSP´s: DV360, T1 Mediamath, The Trade Desk
Uso de Excel intermedio avanzado
Operación de campañas Programmatic
Conocimientos de Adservers 

Über uns

At Kinesso, we believe in the power of connection – connected data, connected identity, and connected ecosystems. In a marketing and advertising world held back by disconnections, we build open and flexible solutions that play well with others and solve real marketing problems for brands and agencies. We do it with our market-leading identity and patented technologies, creating solutions that are responsible to people and that perform for brands. Matterkind is the company within Kinesso focused on activating addressable marketing. Matterkind’s approach is to put the audience at the forefront of everything we do, creating marketing that is relevant for people while still delivering results for brands. This is something Matterkind calls conscious marketing, and we believe it should be the only kind of marketing. We also believe you can be conscious and kind while delivering outcomes, which is why we create intentional, high-performance marketing that delivers guaranteed outcomes and results without risk.