General information

Agency: Kinesso

Job Function: Strategy

Location: London, United Kingdom

Job Ref#: 7028

Description & Requirements

Position Summary
As a part of the Applied Behavioural Science team, you will be an integral part of a core strategic offering to apply human insights in support of the IPG network across media and creative agencies. This is a hybrid role combining strong data skills and a deep understanding of consumer behaviour to build audiences in support of the Global Client Solutions team. 

Your role on this team is to marry soft (bespoke approach to human understanding through Applied Behavioral Science) and hard sciences (strong data skills and analytical rigour into our people-first stack) to develop audiences.
Key Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with IPG agencies around the world to create bespoke audiences for insights and activation.
  • Work directly and indirectly with agency partners and clients to understand, document, and clarify client needs (stated and unstated) related to audience strategy and design.
  • Develop specific approaches to deliver behavioural-based and-relevant audiences against brand, consumer, and agency needs and goals.
  • Work with account teams and clients to ensure strategic alignment against audience needs and motivations.
  • Drive innovation for Kinesso, Acxiom, and Matterkind in our approach to audience design
  • Identify and leverage current, new and emerging data sets that can be utilized in audience structure and implementation
  • Lead and design strategic approaches and methodologies for new ways to leverage our audience data stack.
  • This position answers to Kinesso’s VP, Global Audience Design and will play a role in creating actionable behavioural assessments and strategies, as well as driving audience design innovation and structure.
Desired Skills & Experience
  • Ability to use data to identify patterns of behaviour and communicate them effectively.
  • Excellent SQL skills and experience with Python, R or comparable applications/languages.
  • A background in social sciences, data science, applied intelligence, or marketing science with a track record or utilizing those skills in new ways.
  • A nose for finding the right questions from data and the ability to turn those findings into something valuable.
  • You love to solve the hard, poorly defined problems 
  • A proven ability to drive change across teams in a multi-stakeholder environment. 
  • Ability to identify patterns in data and turn them into compelling stories through strong communications skills. 

About Us

Kinesso brings together the best minds in data, technology and media activation to deliver seamless data-driven marketing solutions. As a technology-enabler, Kinesso powers marketing systems through a proprietary suite of applications that integrate ad tech and martech. Kinesso’s application framework spans audience, planning, and activation, delivering insights and business outcomes for leading global brands.