General information

Agency: Kinesso

Job Function: Data & Analytics

Location: London, United Kingdom

Job Ref#: 6689

Description & Requirements

Position Summary
This role will be the main point of contact for all dynamic creative led campaign activities.  Collaborating with internal teams such as, bGenius, AOC and Matterkind plus agency teams as well as external tech partners such as Google, Flashtalking and Ad-lib etc. The successful candidate will ensure teams are executing successful dynamic ad campaigns from build to launch. They will also be responsible for ensuring all project stakeholders are aware of service requirements of the platforms and also help manage clients’ expectations, ensuring activation teams and audience teams are aware of their role to deliver the successful operational process to the dynamic creative strategy. 
Key Responsibilities
  • Governance of complex dynamic ad campaigns using Kinesso platforms and ad tech partners where required as part of client campaign scope.
  • Deliver and support Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) including bGenius + Kinesso proprietary platforms (Taxonomies/MIE) in UK/EMEA.
  • Support ad server/ad tech DCO selections (including bGenius) & execution into multiple DSPs and ad servers in support of Kinesso DCO strategies across multiple markets.
  • Identify and track DCO opportunities and delivery across region. Transforming how we support and deliver addressable Creative technology solutions across EMEA.
  • Successful management and collaboration with teams responsible for delivering dynamic campaign trafficking, activation and data governance process and resources when part of campaign SOW.
  • Provide detailed process and strategy documentation for proposed operating solutions including license models, support, scope and commercials involved.
  • Analyse current DCO technologies used within Kinesso and develop steps and processes to optimise, working closely with bGenius team.
  • Document and monitor requirements needed to institute proposed updates in relation to customer experience.
  • Work alongside agency teams to successfully monitor progress and implementation of closed projects and/or license models.
  • Ensure regular agency team training and client team training across Kinesso DCO products and license models as required.
  • Assist Kinesso/agency teams in creating practical demonstrations of proposed solutions and demonstrating them both internally (training) and externally (client/pitches).
  • Innovations rolled out as playbooks, updated and centralised with product processes working closely with Kinesso product development teams.
  • Become a vital part of the bGenius product evolution, collaborating closely and supporting regional adoption.

Desired Skills & Experience
  • A genuine passion with new tech and development of emerging digital creative.
  • Have successfully delivered dynamic creative campaigns and understand their foundation principles. 
  • Knowledge and experience of ad serving, measurement and data.
  • Strive towards automation and digital excellence.
  • Proactively address inefficiencies and confidently build networks of colleagues to grow business and knowledge.
  • Quantify and measure successful projects and operations feedback.
  • Personable and approachable nature, ready to work closely with peers and subject matter experts to build networks and trust to solve for DCO across EMEA region.
  • Solution based focus. Flex your technical, commercial and operational flair to address project challenges with a solution and drive client success first.
  • Working across ad tech with multiple strategic media operations solutions, projects and campaigns delivered. 

About Us

Kinesso brings together the best minds in data, technology and media activation to deliver seamless data-driven marketing solutions. As a technology-enabler, Kinesso powers marketing systems through a proprietary suite of applications that integrate ad tech and martech. Kinesso’s application framework spans audience, planning, and activation, delivering insights and business outcomes for leading global brands.