General information

Agency: Matterkind

Job Function: Addressable Strategy

Location: Milano, Italy

Job Ref#: 6868

Description & Requirements

Position Summary

The role of Programmatic/Addressable Specialist is to support the client services team with the day-to-day account management across multiple international Brands. The role of the Programmatic/Addressable Specialist is to improve the performance of our client’s business through the smart application of data, analytics and technology across programmatic media for campaigns running across the World.

The Programmatic/Addressable Specialist is involved in all stages of a campaign lifecycle, from pre-campaign planning, implementation and testing, to optimization, recommendations and post campaign analysis.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop in-depth knowledge of the digital media ecosystem
  • Become a specialist in Matterkind offering
  • Build a strong understanding of Matterkind partners across tech, data and inventory
  • Support the client service team in the processing of new campaigns
  • Create, lunch and maintain programmatic campaign across multiple DSPs
  • Analyze campaign performance and make recommendations for optimization

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills
  • The ability to work on data and draw conclusions
  • Strong organization and multi-tasking skills are key
  • A person who is eager to learn and ask questions
  • The ability to learn and apply new concepts and tools quickly
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a cross-functional team
  • Good verbal and written English communication skill


  • Italian: mother tongue or Fluent
  • English: good command written and spoken

About Us

We are a friendly, fast, and fun open organization who respect deep expertise in digital media technology. We value bright, smart people with challenging thinking and we are creating a culture and environment to fuel a technology led revolution in digital marketing.

Matterkind believes that digital and data technology is driving a revolution in marketing. Digitally source able marketing can now always be performance-driven and focused on business outcomes. Data, insights and creativity are central to all our work, and we hold ourselves fully accountable to client business goals. We focus on improving the performance of our clients’ businesses through the smart application of data, analytics and technology. We are building a brand new and unique process for businesses to communicate in the digital age regardless of what challenge they may have.

Open Architecture
Matterkind buys and uses data and inventory from any partner that meets the criteria for integrity and transparency.
Systems Integration
Matterkind uses multiple technology partners and providers, including DSPs, data platforms and analytics packages
Matterkind is working to employ an audience-based model across all digitally-sourceable media