General information

Agency: Initiative

Job Function: Planning

Location: Shanghai, China

Job Ref#: 7969

Description & Requirements

Key Responsibilities

Main Responsibilities:

1.         Demonstrate strong understanding, trust and relationship with senior level Clients;

2.         Responsible for day to day planning on assigned brands. Ensure that projects are produced completely, accurately and with a maximum of manpower efficiency;

3.         Delivery client’s request exactly and track to make sure all revision will be followed to action. Play active support roles in ensuring quality service and delivery;

4.         Maintain quality control of all projects and plans of clients;

5.         Takes the initiative to learn media strategy to be a proactive Media Specialist instead of being a reactive Media specialist;

6.         Have an in-depth knowledge of the client's business and its competitors to determine sufficient advertising and media needs and to ensure plans are properly executed and delivered;

7.         Supervise and instruct manager and other team member’s’ document writing. Demonstrate ability to manage and coach a Planning team on personal and work issues;

8.         Assist the Business Director in creation and implementation of a holistic communication plan and architecture for their brands

Desired Skills & Experience

Key qualification:

1.         Excellent general education with above years relevant experience;

2.         Solid interpretation and competency of media concepts, of media research software programs and of system, ie monitoring, invoicing, placement of orders, briefing etc;

3.         Must have excellent communication and presentation skills;

4.         Proficiency in Mandarin, English both in conversation & writing Computer knowledge, especially PPT in English is a must;

5.         Always keep a cool head when facing numbers and pressure;

6.         Detail-oriented, patient, independent and responsible for work;

7.         Be a frequent user of OFFICE software and media tools software.

About Us

Initiative is different to other media agencies.
We are not trapped by a legacy structure primarily centered on paid advertising. Instead, we are liberated by a new world structure designed to deliver highly differentiated and highly effective communications strategies for our clients.
We are the world’s fastest growing media agency built upon the strongest strategic capability of any agency in the market. Core to this strategic proposition is the belief that the faster a brand can move through culture the more relevant it can become.
We call this Cultural Velocity ™.
Our process is designed to create ideas that move through culture through unique insight, market leading analytics and strategic media brilliance.
Our new world model is comprised of “craft centers” – Client Advice and Management, Strategy, Communications Design, Partnership and Culture, Insights & Analytics.