General information

Agency: UM

Function: Investment

Location: Sathorn, Thailand

Job Ref#: 13503

Description & Requirements

Position Summary

To support senior buyers on data and ensure documentations accuracy that leads to prompt financial process. To actively learn to become a strategic buyer. Manage buying per assignment.

Key Responsibilities

  •  Check media details under given brief from planning team, negotiate if needed
  •  Book TV schedule; initiate / propose / revise TV schedule base on client objective & quota balancing, TV ordering and submitting 5 parts to FN
  •  Monitor if ads on properly for most of medium, for TV and online may need daily / weekly / monthly post buy report under instructed template and amend if needed Including monitoring of competitors' activities
  •  Post report at instruct template & amendment document if needed, added value reporting
  •  Internal organize and documentation of financial details; namely schedules, financial tracking

Desired Skills & Experience

  •  0-2 year work experience in media buying or planning.
  •  Mathematics skill.
  •  Administrative skill.
  •  Decent level of English.
  •  Has a good learning attitude.
  •  Pleasant and presentable personality.
  •  Love to negotiate.

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