General information

Agency: UM

Function: Strategy

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Job Ref#: 11212

Description & Requirements

Position Summary

Estamos buscando Profesional con experiencia en agencia creativa o de medios como estratega, mínimo de 4 años.

Key Responsibilities

Apoyar los procesos de investigación que se realicen al interior del área, para originar valores agregados a los clientes, que permitan generar nuevos negocios.Desarrollar informes de Inteligencia de medios aportando valor para las mesas de trabajo de la compañía.

Desired Skills & Experience

Publicidad, Mercadeo, Comunicación Social, Administración de Empresas o afines.                                                              
Especialización en Investigación del Consumidor                                               

Work Experience:                                                                    
minimo de 4 años en Inv. de mercados 

Inteligencia Emocional, habilidades de comunicación oral y escritas. Excel intermedio. Metodologias de Investigación Cualititativa y Cuantitativa. Ibope. Ingles Intermedio.

About Us

UM is a global media agency committed to Futureproofing our culture, our communities and our clients’ businesses. We lean into the disruptive forces around us to uncover new sources of growth and new paths to meaningful connection. We do this for iconic brands eager to learn the world of performance, for digitally native brands eager to shape their future in culture, and those in between. The result is a journey through change that is clear, confident and creatively energizing for all.

UM’s borderless and boundless global network operates in 100+ markets, across 120+ offices with 3,000+ employees. We create media plans that are as diverse as the cultures and communities in which our clients serve, with a cutting edge approach to brand safety, media responsibility and sustainability. We promote a working environment that is diverse, caring and inclusive where people learn, take risks, create and thrive.