General information

Agency: Reprise

Job Function: Paid Search

Location: Shanghai, China

Job Ref#: 7973

Description & Requirements

Key Responsibilities

Provide professional SEM (SEO) services for customers

Tie team work, manage the launch needs of customers in multiple industries, ensure the team work efficiency and effect, and lead the team to grow

Lead the team to participate in the comparison of SEM business of new customers and help the company expand digital business customers

Work closely with the planning team to provide customers with integrated marketing solutions and strategic support

Communicate and coordinate with major search engine media on launch and policy issues

Desired Skills & Experience

Bachelor degree or above

More than 4 years of SEM management optimization experience, more than 2 years of team management experience

Fully understand the systems and products of major search engines (Baidu, Google, Sogou, soso, etc.), and be able to skillfully operate the background

Have clear views on the future development of search engine; Understand the development trend of search engine products and competitors

Familiar with GA, baidu statistics and other advertising monitoring systems, and be able to formulate data tracking strategies in combination with the actual delivery needs of customers

Rich creative planning ability and keen marketing insight, good at data analysis

Able to bear pressure, good teamwork ability, strong communication and coordination ability and business negotiation ability, open mind, active personality and strong learning ability.

About Us

As the global performance marketing agency of IPG Mediabrands, we are obsessed with Customer Flow, the continuous movement of customers along the path to purchase. Our purpose is to help brands build and accelerate Customer Flow, and we offer deep expertise in digital crafts required to move customers along that journey. We do this by unifying our craft experts which include search, social media, SEO, eCommerce, content creation and strategy under a single operating system.

Our expert team of specialists delivers integrated initiatives that help the world’s leading brands connect to the people who drive their business forward – efficiently and effectively. Reprise is headquartered in New York with over 60 offices around the world and works with brands like Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Amazon, American Express, Lego & more.