General information

Agency: Reprise

Job Function: Paid Search

Location: Shanghai, China

Job Ref#: 12297

Description & Requirements

Key Responsibilities

Ø  作为账户负责人为客户提供专业Search服务

Ø  领带团队负责多行业客户的投放需求,确保团队工作效率及效果,带领团队成长

Ø  配合参与新客户Search业务的比稿,帮助公司拓展Digital业务客户

Ø  与策划团队紧密合作提供客户整合营销方案及策略支持

Desired Skills & Experience

Ø  大学本科以上学历

Ø  4年以上Search管理优化经验

Ø  充分了解各大搜索引擎(百度、Google、搜狗、搜搜等)系统及产品,并能熟练操作后台

Ø  对搜索引擎未来发展有清晰见解;了解搜索引擎产品发展动态及竞争对手情况

Ø  熟悉GA,百度统计等广告监测系统,并能结合客户的实际投放需求制定数据追踪策略

Ø  有丰富的创意策划能力和敏锐的营销市场洞察力,善于数据分析

Ø  能承受压力,有良好的团队合作能力,具有很强的沟通协调能力和商务谈判能力,思维开阔,性格活跃,学习能力强

About Us

As the global performance marketing agency of IPG Mediabrands, we are obsessed with Customer Flow, the continuous movement of customers along the path to purchase. Our purpose is to help brands build and accelerate Customer Flow, and we offer deep expertise in digital crafts required to move customers along that journey. We do this by unifying our craft experts which include search, social media, SEO, eCommerce, content creation and strategy under a single operating system.

Our expert team of specialists delivers integrated initiatives that help the world’s leading brands connect to the people who drive their business forward – efficiently and effectively. Reprise is headquartered in New York with over 60 offices around the world and works with brands like Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Amazon, American Express, Lego & more.