General information

Agency: Media Experts

Job Function: Addressable Strategy

Location: Toronto, Canada

Job Ref#: 7894

Description & Requirements

Position Summary

XPETO, our in-house programmatic trading desk, is seeking a curious and passionate Programmatic Analyst to join our dynamic team in Toronto. You will be responsible for taking our programmatic media programs to the next level for some of Canada’s top clients. Responsibilities include overseeing the team’s day-to-day technical and operational support with key focus on ensuring successful campaign launch, pacing, and delivery. You will also participate and provide optimization and strategy recommendations as well as carry out modifications to increase overall digital media performance. This pivotal role touches on all points of the digital planning process, platform execution, and customer service. We need someone who is agile, solution focused, and dedicated to supporting your immediate team as well as overall campaign objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Campaign set up, delivery and implementation: Support execution of digital media campaigns in various DSPs including Google Display and Video 360 (DBM), The Trade Desk, Adobe Ad Cloud and other demand side platforms for campaign set up, ad trafficking, targeting, creative uploading/sync and testing, audience assignment and automated report generation. 
  • Work in conjunction with the Digital Planners to provide strategic recommendations and strategies on a campaign to campaign basis. 
  • Troubleshoot campaign delivery and pacing issues, address immediately issues such as disapproved creative, delivery discrepancies, tracking and reporting issues. 
  • Work with the team to ensure that all campaign documentation is organized as per our specific process. 
  • Assist the Ad Ops team in terms of tag audit, generation and implementation on client sites. 
  • Provide strategic support in the utilization of our own and our customers’ Data Management Platforms (DMPs). 
  • Performance monitoring, reporting and optimization: Day to day support for monitoring and optimization of campaigns in demand side platforms and other media buying environments. 
  • Oversee and maintain regular reporting on campaign performance and share regular updates with key stakeholders. 
  • Monitor in market performance and provide timely recommendations for improving campaign performance. Use Data modeling tools and strategies to assess overall data performance and composition to aid campaign performance. 
  • Work in collaboration with the Digital Media team and client on overall strategy, planning and innovation. 
  • Provide thought leadership for the deployment of recommendations on tactics, audiences, placements and pacing for programmatic campaigns. 
  • Communication and relationship building. 
  • Actively participate and provide thought leadership during campaign briefings and other related digital media presentations. 
  • Act as the programmatic expert for strategy, execution, innovation, and trainings for both digital and traditional teams. 
  • Ensure knowledge sharing both internally to our teams and externally to clients as required.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • You have 2-4 years of hands-on experience in demand-side platforms or relevant experience in display, search, trafficking, ad operations, or site analytics optimization. 
  • You have experience within Google Display and Video 360 (DBM), Campaign Manager, AdWords, and other DSP’s and media buying platforms preferred. 
  • You understand Data Management Platforms, including used cases and benefits. 
  • You interest and aptitude for analysis / analytics (you must be an analytical thinker). 
  • You’re passionate about working with RTB in the Canadian space (data, inventory). 
  • You have strong proficiency in Power Point, Excel, and other analytics software. 
  • You have a strong understanding of pixels/tagging for digital campaigns. 
  • You’re an extra strong candidate if you have experience in traditional advertising, CRM, direct marketing, and lead generation. 
  • You have fundamental knowledge of online media metrics and analysis. 
  • You’ve got a strong customer service mentality. 
  • You have robust relationship skills, including the ability to participate in meetings and complete deliverables in a timely manner.

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