General information

Agency: UM

Job Function: Investment

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Job Ref#: 10621

Description & Requirements

Position Summary

As Trading Director you are responsible for overseeing best practice and market leading negotiation approaches for our clients – note: this does not always mean ‘lowest price’. You will work closely with your trading team in executing the clients optimal connections plans to deliver on client business outcomes across all channels (paid, owned, earned, and shared).
You drive the team to explore and identify extensions of your lead negotiation strategy to ensure continual improvement of value for our clients. You and your team are always on the look-out for strategic added value opportunities via improvement on annual/quarterly and/or campaign negotiations. As Trading Director it is critical that you collaborate with UM craft specialities (BAE, Strategy, Connections Studios and Mediabrands BU’s) to ensure we deliver on our clients plans.

You are passionate about the future of our industry and drive change/ what is next for our clients and our approaches. You are responsible for the output and development of the Senior/Trading Managers, and work collaboratively with the Client and Planning team.

You have best in market media relationships but what your silver bullet is the ability to identify opportunities for your clients that go beyond the spot and dots brief. You are a true business partner. You focus not only on media metrics, but also business outcomes – the elements which mean the most for our clients. 

You are looked up to by all in your trading team and you demonstrate UM behaviours internally and externally through your personal actions and serve as a good role model.

Key Responsibilities

  • Drive all Trading division members in your team to develop a curious and rigorous approach to paid, owned and earned marketing opportunities. Ensuring that the negotiation for delivering our clients value never ceases.
  • Lead and deliver benchmarking of negotiated positions for your client. Measured via multiple ways which may/may not be applicable for your client – client contracted benchmarks, 3rd party auditors, UM benchmarking, Magna benchmarking.
  • Ensuring clear, concise and regular (monthly) reporting of trading outputs vs. the designated client benchmark. To be done in partnership with the Client Advice team.
  • In conjunction with your Trading Managers and your trading team, ensuring that on-going weekly performance of clients campaigns are delivered within tolerance. If not, ensuring that you are the face with our media partners to ensure that client outcomes (media and/or business) are being delivered each week.
  • Own the collaborative & efficient workflow across multiple stakeholders (Planning, BU’s & External).
  • Encourage and contribute to a positive and motivating work environment for the team.
  • On request contribute to new business activities of the agency (pitch).
  • Co-support the Group Directors in all Media Partnerships Trading division PDP’s within your team to ensure performance goals are being met and opportunities for growth exist within the team.
  • Support (but not lead) the team to identify non-traditional / nonpaid partnership opportunities that can be explored as part of the connections solutions.
  • Manage the Trading team, to deliver the campaign and continue to optimise campaign performance throughout campaign period.
  • Ensure consistent communication with the Client and Planning teams on all client campaigns and associated performance.
  • Contributing to market landscape education pieces for clients by including trading related insights. 
  • In collaboration with Planning team present the Creative Connections Recommendation and Connections Plans with a core focus on trading/business outcomes delivered by your negotiations with our media partners.
  • Leading across all core trading / systems, such as MiQ.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • You have 8+ years’ experience within the industry and you have a fundamental and robust knowledge of the Australian media landscape across multiple categories. 
  • Up-to date with communications industry and how it impacts UM Australia and its clients.
  • Create a positive and motivating work environment of ideation and collaboration.
  • Have a detailed level of awareness of the breadth of services delivered by the Mediabrands BU's and what revenue opportunities exist within each.
  • Ability to manage a team of up to twenty (20) people effectively, with the support of 4-5 direct reports (TMs & STMs).
  • Remains consistently up to date about all media trends (both Australian and Global) and up to date knowledge of ever-changing media landscape.
  • Demonstration of strong problem-solving skills / come solution ready.
  • Market leading approach to driving the negotiations / trading process.
  • Feed into the development of all Creative Connections Recommendations and Connections Plans with trading focused inputs.
  • Strong business communications skills.
  • Ability to identify and execute non-traditional partnership opportunities.
  • To have a voice and a point of view that adds value to client’s business and elevates you to advisory status.
  • Solid presentation skills.
  • Respectful to partners and mindful about the way we treat our agency partners and colleagues.

About Us

A full-service media agency, UM strives to Futureproof our clients’ businesses through our relentless pursuit of better science, art and outcomes. Founded in 1999, UM is made up of entrepreneurially-minded strategists, planners, researchers, investment experts, decision scientists, account executives, and content and activation specialists—over 4,800 employees across 130 offices in over 100 countries around the world. A part of IPG Mediabrands, UM’s global headquarters are in New York, with six additional US offices in Birmingham, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco. UM's vision to Futureproof our clients for today, tomorrow, and beyond wouldn’t be possible without our Better People.

UM’s culture is an inclusive one, where people belong and are encouraged to bring their full selves to the office, and where personal and professional growth are a priority of every member of the team. UM’s Executive Leadership Team is dedicated to building a culture that permeates every element of the company, from work flexibility, to career planning and regular talent reviews, to an active culture club. They proudly uphold the following values:

Courage: Our courage to take risks drives our ability to set new industry standards.

Curiosity: Our relentless curiosity drives relentless innovation.

Commitment: Our commitment to uncovering better opportunities for our clients and our community is at the heart of everything we do.

Community: We pride ourselves on fostering a community where everyone can belong while actively giving back to the communities in which we live.

Caring: We care about being a diverse agency where everyone feels motivated and supported.

Candor: Our candor through open and constructive dialogue ensures better outcomes for our people and our clients.

As a company, UM is constantly pushing to improve, under their Better Science, Better Art, Better Outcomes banner, striving to set the bar in the ever-evolving media landscape. Their efforts have yielded a number of new business wins recently including Aetna, American Express, Columbia Sportswear, Gallo Wine, Henkel, and Quicken Loans.