Información general

Agencia: Reprise

Función: Finance and Accounting

Ubicación: Shanghai, China

Job Ref#: 14962

Descripción y requisitos

Responsabilidades principales

Project aspect: familiar with all work contents and standards in the project; Submit all working documents in the project accurately and on time; Familiar with the company's internal business, quotation process and profit model;

Customers: accurately understand the customer brief; Control customer expectations;

Team: reasonably arrange the division of labor within the project team, help each colleague in the team sort out their work, and report their work efficiently.

Plan writing: the logic of the plan is clear and can control the quality of the plan.

Habilidades y experiencia deseadas

Bachelor degree or above, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, more than 4 years of experience in advertising and public relations or Internet industry management, and experience in brand social marketing and digital marketing projects is preferred;

Serve beauty brand customers, have ideas on trends and creative content, and have the ability to implement and coordinate;

Have good oral and written communication skills, project coordination and control ability, and can effectively control project budget, progress and quality;

Have excellent innovation awareness and learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, patience and meticulous, and can withstand great work pressure;

Have strong ability to write plans, and be able to write key documents such as planning plans, implementation plans and periodic reports that meet customer needs;

Sobre nosotros

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