Informazioni generali

Agency: Kinesso

Job Function: Ad Operations

Location: London, United Kingdom

Job Ref#: 12449

Descrizione e requisiti

Position Summary
The successful candidate will provide critical support for the Nike media measurement programmes. Reporting to the Nike + MB Client Ops Lead, they will collaborate with the client, agency and Kinesso specialists to ensure the definition and rollout of mobile and multi-channel media measurement, tag management, eCommerce and DCO trafficking process and governance. 

They will support this rollout by managing tagging strategy and deployment for digital media channels including social, display, search, and programmatic in collaboration with Nike. Support multi-market tagging and measurement strategy. 

Support team training and develop modules to bring new starters “up to speed” on measurement requests, best practices and governance. This role will define a critical and trusted technical expertise who is approachable and solutions focused. Facilitate integration of platform technologies across agency and client; ad serving platforms, website tagging, dynamic creative platforms, and website personalisation. Cross-channel attribution and awareness of best practices and strategy accommodating for different platform measurements and “single source of truth” optimisation and conversions. 
Key Responsibilities
Multi-Platform Operations
  • Drive, document and train excellence across Ops team and Agency teams with mobile activation and measurement best practices: InApp tracking, App deep linking.
  • Unifying tracking of user Journeys between inApp and the main website.
  • GMP connections and a single source of truth across platforms.
  • Site Tagging Matrix and governance of 3rd party tags deployed to the site and the platforms creating them.
  • Maintaining GDPR Compliance via determined processes.
  • Consent management platforms and 3rd party tagging compliance with CMPs.
  • Taxonomy Governance adhering to Global Taxonomy Rules.
  • DCO Management working with third-party DCO Vendors to ensure streamlined DCO Activation and Kinesso DCO Director. 
Tag Management: Coding (standard)
  • Prepare tag code for deployment.
  • Create REGEX expressions for URLs.
  • Create naming conventions as necessary.
  • Deploy javascript per tag row/URL.
Tag Management: Reporting Research
  • Evaluate issues with the local team(s).
  • Confirm tag firing setups and historical.
  • Request client reporting to align against ad tech platforms. 
  • Compile and analyze the system checks.
Tag Management: Template Configuration
  • Assist teams with template input and nuances.
  • Ensure complete instructions are in place for complex deployments.
  • Change management/revisions and re-upload to tag manager.
Tag Management: Coding (custom Javascript/deployments)
  • Research for coding is required.
  • Testing local code in the browser environment.
  • Assistance from Vendors as necessary.
  • Assistance from Honda tech and devs as necessary.
  • Project manage above process and status/liaison role.
Tag Management: Quality Assurance
  • Using working project sheets, compare tag instructions to actual serving tags in dual environments.
  • Test data required for site journeys.
  • Working knowledge of journey and programming tools used within the major browser environments.
  • Documentation of results and working with various client teams to remedy issues including vendors where applicable.
Tag Management: Tag Configuration
  • Evaluate the naming convention needed (Facebook DCM etc).
  • Create masking tables as necessary.
  • Evaluate ad tech support documentation against capabilities for tagging syntax to ensure alignment with media objectives.
  • Create DCM Floodlights and configure settings.
  • Facebook CAPI setup.
  • Research into global ad tech accounts with local and central teams.
Tag Management: Consulting, Support, Status
  • Creation of status documents.
  • Weekly calls and comms.
  • Special vendor/reporting/setup requirements. Consulting throughout the research and implementation phases.
  • Learning and development of new tagging best practices and cookieless solutions.
  • Ecom strategic setup.
DCO Support - Core Responsibilities 
  • Lead the development and implementation of a creative test & learn roadmap to optimize performance together with the third-party DCO Vendor & Performance channel leads, focusing on programmatic display, social and video.
  • Oversee creative delivery in collaboration with the Marketing Communications team and/or external third-party DCO Vendor.
  • Introduce creative automation across performance marketing channels with DCO a priority for programmatic, and localization a priority for PPC.
  • Develop strong relationships with internal teams to influence creative output at the initial briefing stage.
  • Collaborate with marketing leaders and the third-party DCO Vendor to develop data-informed creative decision trees.
  • Coordinate with regional digital marketing teams to ensure a synergized and optimized approach to creativity with wider Nike marketing efforts.
  • Collaborate closely with external partners and third-party DCO Vendor to QA creatives and to ensure it is activated accurately against the plan.
Desired Skills & Experience
  • In-depth experience in Ad Operations and Programmatic.
  • Able to troubleshoot team challenges.
  • Ability to multi-task and stay calm under pressure.
  • Experience working with web analytics such as GA and Adobe.
  • Fastidious builder of documentation, guides, and decks.
  • HTML and JavaScript knowledge/experience.
  • Adequate experience in digital marketing with a focus on programmatic display and video.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of the data and technology landscape within the digital media industry.
  • Strong understanding and experience with DCO ad server technologies and ad tech.
  • Experience working on a digital display and video campaigns, in particular, dynamic and programmatic activations from inception to completion.
  • Strong data interpretation, manipulation and presentation skills.
  • An extraordinarily structured and organized approach to project management.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced team, and excited by problem-solving, approaching obstacles pragmatically, and practising strong collaboration skills.
  • Hands-on experience working with CM360, DV360, Google Ads, and SaaS technologies.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Flawless execution and accuracy and exceptional process skills.
  • Time management and organisation skills.
Employment Transparency
At Mediabrands and Kinesso, we celebrate difference and believe this makes us stronger. Mediabrands and Kinesso are equal opportunity employers and committed to championing an inclusive culture that provides a sense of belonging for all our employees. We do not discriminate against any applicant based on age, disability, race, colour, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, belief, marital status or any other characteristic protected by law.
Please reach out to our Talent Inclusion Specialist Jess at if you would like to have a confidential conversation regarding any adjustments that would ensure our recruitment process is accessible for you. Please note requesting a reasonable adjustment will not affect your application.

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